Looking for a strong brand for your store?

Style de Vie Authentique carries the Laguiole Style Style de Vie brand under its own name.
This brand is well-known for its beautifully designed steak knives.
Our collection also includes cheese knives, corkscrews, bread knives, butter knives and chef’s knives. Our own twist to the brand has given it a recognizable appearance. Laguiole Style de Vie stands for affordable luxury on the table that is available to everyone.

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Unique gift concept with catchy texts

One Message Spoon is a very fancy gift concept. In a highly original way you say a lot with just a few words. A text can be found for almost every occasion. All possible people can also be addressed: think of grandfather or grandmother, father or mother and so on. For example, the spoons can also be used in a bouquet or attached to the neck of a bottle of wine. Transfer your message with a One Message Spoon….

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Special, innovative and handcrafted

These are a number of keywords that certainly relate to this rather special collection of chef’s knives. If you want to go for coarse, robust and sturdy, then you choose the Brute series. If you prefer the appearance of the classic chef’s knife, but still together with the forged accents, the Intense series is something for you. A combination of coarse forged steel and beautiful olive wood is also available in the Olive series. In short, something for everyone, with a focus on a handmade look. Assessed by several chefs as being very comfortable in your hands, sharp and very easy to keep sharp. You will definitely attract attention.

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Style de Vie (special)

Stylish storage of your knives

The magnetic knife racks from Style de Vie provide a stylish and atmospheric way of storing your knives or other kitchen tools by using warm wood colours.
The rectangular version of 50 cm is available in oak, walnut and acacia.
The rectangular 30 cm version is available in walnut and acacia.

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