We have a love for cooking and dining. These are the precious moments in our busy lives: standing with passion in the kitchen, cozy at the table with family or friends, attention to cooking, drinking, eating and each other. Style de Vie Authentique develops special and stylish brands, with products for in the kitchen and dining. A wide range of knives, cutlery and products with personality. Always affordable and of high quality. Because everyone deserves beautiful table moments. We supply to cookery stores, gift stores, catering wholesalers, suppliers of Christmas gifts and garden centers. We do this with personal attention. We are accessible, think along with you and offer fast delivery and good service.



We are a brand by and for lovers - of cooking and dining. People who pay attention to preparing and presenting beautiful dishes. We design and develop stylish brands, with products that suit this lifestyle, this style de vie. Our products have character, stand out and give a personal touch to cooking and dining. We make those moments special, unique and personal: authentique.


We would like to make every occasion special. We do this by developing stylish products with character, for in the kitchen and dining. Quality products that are affordable for everyone with a passion for cooking and dining.


Cooking and eating is important. These two things form a valuable moment in our busy lives. A moment to pause and enjoy. By cooking with love you give attention to yourself and your dinner guests. Well prepared food is literally food for a healthy life. And at the table with family or friends you make a connection with the people who are dear to you. That is why we believe that every table moment should be special, for as many people as possible.

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