Below are the answers to frequently asked reseller questions. Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us.


  • If you want to buy for your company, please send an email to info@styledevie.nl with the following information: company name, address, phone number, email address, webshop address, VAT number and KVK number. Once we have received your information, we will process your request.

  • You can order through our webshop, by e-mail or by telephone.

  • When you place an order through our webshop, you will receive an e-mail with the order confirmation and an overview of the ordered products immediately after completion of your order.

  • If no specific agreements have been made, we aim to ship orders within 1-3 business days. For new customers, the order will be shipped as soon as the total amount stated on the pro forma invoice has been credited to our bank account.

  • After delivery, you are obliged to assess the quality of the delivered products. If for qualitative reasons, you do not wish to purchase a product, you must contact our sales department within 2 business days.

  • On the login page of our webshop, you will find the link “Forgot password”. You can create a new password via this link.

  • To access our image material, you need to create an account on the image database. This can be found through the following link: https://media.styledevie.nl/nl/login#/10940. The account that is requested must first be checked internally. Access to the image bank will be accepted or denied within 1 business day.


  • No, as a consumer it is not possible to order directly from us. Look at our dealers for the nearest point of sale.

  • Our main brands are Laguiole Style de Vie and Forged. With Laguiole Style de Vie we offer a nice range of affordable products for cozy dining. Forged is a rugged knife brand that consists of various series. All knives are forged by hand and have a distinctive tough hammered look. Our Style de Vie brand offers additional products to both collections, such as beautiful wooden knife blocks and olive oil bowls. One Message Spoon is a nice collection of spoons with special, funny, and sweet texts. You will find them all in our online brochure.With the T-BOTTLE, you can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of loose tea. The tea stays nice and warm due to the double wall. You can also add spices or fruits. Do you prefer ice tea? The T-BOTTLE is also very suitable for this. Brochures of all our brands can be found online, on our homepage. You can also view the products from our current range on our website.

  • Only companies can purchase at Style de Vie Authentique. If you want to buy commercially, please refer to the FAQ for businesses. Private individuals can find the stores that sell our brands on our page: “Styledevie.nl/dealers”. First, select the brand you are interested in at the green Brand button. By entering your location in the “Search” box, you will find all points of sale near you.

  • The application of the knives is described on our page https://forged.nl/en/knife-guide/. You will also find videos about the use of the knives here.

  • Small burrs can form in the blade when using the knives. These can be removed with a sharpening steel. Despite using a sharpening steel, the knife will become dull over time. In that case, we recommend having the knife sharpened by a reputable knife sharpener.

  • Stainless steel cutlery and stainless steel cutlery with ABS and AS are dishwasher safe. Remove the cutlery from the machine immediately after the washing program has ended and rub with a dry cloth. If the cutlery is left in a closed, damp dishwasher, rust can form on the stainless steel. Products with and made of wood and the products from all our Forged series are NOT dishwasher safe.

  • Metal can discolor due to the action of salts and acids, which are found in foods. The hardness of the water and cleaning agents can also cause stains on the metal. These stains can be removed with a suitable steel polish.

  • Metal can discolor due to the action of salts and acids, which are found in foods. The hardness of the water and cleaning agents can also cause stains on the metal. These stains can be removed with a suitable steel polish.

  • For hard cheeses such as Spanish Manchego, Parmesan, or Emmentaler, it is best to use a cheese hatchet or a knife with a sturdy semicircular blade. The straight, solid knife with forked tip is best for semi-hard and hard cheeses, such as matured Gouda cheese and cheddar. Use the forked tip to pierce a piece of cheese. The mezzaluna is ideal. With a rocking motion, you cut through the cheese. Semi-hard and soft cheeses such as brie or camembert have a soft center that can easily stick to the knife. To cut this cheese nicely, use a thin straight knife with holes in the blade. These holes prevent the cheese from sticking and deforming. Another knife that works well with this type of cheese is a boning knife with a short blade. The Laguiole Style de Vie spreader knife is suitable for soft, spreadable cheeses such as fresh cream cheese and soft goat cheese. The cheese fork can be used to hold a block of cheese while cutting. It is also ideal for breaking hard or older cheeses into smaller pieces.

  • After pouring boiling water into the T-BOTTLE, let it cool for a few minutes before screwing the cap on. You can also add a splash of cold water. This will prevent the build-up of too much pressure, which can cause the cap to jump off or leak.

  • In the T-BOTTLE, the tea will stay warm for about 1 hour.

  • Both the Forged knives and the Laguiole Style de Vie knives can be engraved. Please contact your local shop to inquire about the possibilities. For the Netherlands, we refer to Meesterslijpers (Masters Grinders) in Amsterdam. They sell both brands, have their own engraving studio, and are real professionals. For more information see www.meesterslijpers.nl.

  • We do our utmost to guarantee the quality of our products. Despite our efforts, it is possible that an item does not meet the required quality. In that case, as a private individual, you should contact the store where the item was bought. They can contact us. For a quick settlement, it is necessary that we receive a clear photo of the defect and a copy of your receipt. Go ahead and give this to your retailer in advance. We give a 10-year warranty on our Forged knives and a 2-year warranty on our Laguiole Style Vie collection against demonstrable manufacturing defects. We cannot offer a guarantee on poor maintenance or damage due to incorrect use.