After months of hard work we can finally share the first part of our brand new website with you. A beautiful site that should become a source of inspiration for both consumers and dealers. 

We are proud to finally be able to show you the first steps of our new website. The past few months we have worked very hard on a new, inspiring but above all user-friendly website. Of course the look of the website has been completely renewed, but also the way we show our collection has been completely redesigned.

After more than 7 years it was time for a new website. In recent years we have literally outgrown our premises several times, so it was time to update our website as well. Quality and service are of paramount importance to us, so these were also the main starting points for the website. We know that besides our customers we also get a lot of consumers on our website. So our goal was to create an inspiring website for both our customers and end users.

Dealer page

Especially for our dealers we created a separate area where you can find everything. Information about POS material, our professional image database and the events/fairs where we can be found.

Brand pages

Despite calling ourselves a wholesaler we are actually a developer of brands for the table and cooking market. We started nine years ago with the Laguiole Style de Vie brand and now have four brands, with the fifth on the way. To give our brands a dignified face, we have given each brand its own stage on our website.

Points of sale

We have tried as best as possible to transfer all sales outlets from our old site to the new website. Unfortunately this was quite a job and partly due to different technologies not always possible. We therefore ask you to check if your shop/sales outlet is listed correctly. If not, please pass it on to your contact person or via madelon@styledevie.nl. Then we will put you back on the list.


One of the biggest changes we have made in the new website is our collection. This has the look and feel of a full-fledged webshop, where you can use filters to quickly and easily browse through our wide range. Not only by brand or series, but also by product type, category or even by color and thickness. We hope you are just as excited about this improvement as we are, because the collection as shown on our new website will in a 2nd phase also become the new webshop for you (B2B). So that soon we have only one website where you can do everything!


To ensure that the new webshop will soon be integrated flawlessly, we have chosen to introduce the website/webshop in 2 phases. The first step you can already admire; a new design with many new features, but keeping the old and familiar webshop.

In Phase 2, which we will launch in July, the old webshop will also be removed from the air and you will be able to log into the new website with your own login details. So we will have only one website where you can easily surf and order. Unfortunately, your current login details will no longer work and you will have to create a new password. We will send you an email about this soon. If you are not yet using our current webshop and want to do so in the future, please contact our sales department.

Besides the new webshop in phase 2, we will also introduce some new 'design' features.

We hope you will enjoy our new website for many years to come. If you have any tips for us or if you see things that are not quite right or not working, please let us know. You can pass this on to madelon@styledevie.nl

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