With great enthusiasm we can announce that after our website, also our new webshop is ready to go live. From the 1st of September, our current (old) webshop will be taken offline and you will be able to log in via the new website to place your orders. So you can go to our website www.styledevie.nl not only for all information about our products, news, etc. but also to place your order directly. Everything conveniently in one place!

Create new password

Due to strict online privacy rules, it is not possible to take your login details from the current (old) webshop with you. In the coming days you will receive an email to create a new password or you can already do it yourself via this link.

Enter your email address at password forgotten and you will receive a confirmation which you can use to log in. The email address you need to use is the one that is known to us in our system. In most cases this is the email address where the invoice is sent to. If you would like to log in with a different email address, you can request this at sales@styledevie.nl

New webshop

After logging in (top right corner) the website changes into a webshop where you can see the products (under COLLECTION) that you can purchase and the prices that go with them. So you no longer go to the old webshop! Furthermore, the new webshop just looks like a shop as you are used to from any other consumer webshop. Easy to use, you can search with different kinds of filters, place products in your basket or even retrieve your old orders and make repeat purchases from here. When you are finished, you go through the shopping basket procedure and the order will be placed in our system. Products you have placed in your basket will remain there until you take them out yourself or until you complete your order. This way you can easily save an order if you wish to do so.

Ordering in bulk

If you prefer to place a bulk order (many products at once), you can use the import function, which you will find in the dropdown menu of my account at the top right (after login). First download the CSV file and fill in the article codes, EAN codes and the quantities you want to order. Then upload this file and the products will be loaded. Then click on ‘order’ to place the products in your basket.

We also have many other new features such as 'Related Products', but all these new features are easy to work with.

We hope that you will experience the new webshop as positive and we would love to hear from you if there are things that are not going well or if you just have another idea or tip. You can send these to madelon@styledevie.nl

If you do not yet have a login for the webshop and would like to use it, you can request this from your contact person or via sales@styledevie.nl .

Much inspiration and shopping pleasure wished!


Team Style de Vie Authentique

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