Far away, yet close...

It's been in the news a lot lately; the Food Bank. More and more families in the Netherlands, especially in coronation time, unfortunately have to use the food bank. Just before the holidays in 2020, Style de Vie was approached by a company that had started a collection campaign for the food bank. To start giving away not only food, but also food-related products for families who are struggling. It was a wonderful initiative that Style de Vie Authentique B.V. was happy to help with.

With a well-filled box under my arm, I personally delivered the products to the food bank in Gorinchem, the city where Romy and I have lived for years. A box full of beautiful products such as sets of cheese knives and luxury steak knives, with which the less fortunate families in Gorinchem can realize a beautifully laid table during the holidays. Because whatever you eat, expensive or cheap, we know how a beautifully laid table and being together with family or friends can contribute to a successful evening. This passion for cooking and dining is where our company was born," says Ronald Duyzer.

This first gift and positive acquaintance with the food bank got us thinking. Good and healthy food is something we value highly. Every family should have the opportunity to put a healthy and tasty meal on the table. With this in mind, we decided to make a monthly contribution to the food bank. We are incredibly happy and grateful that we are in the position to be able to do this with our company.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank all the employees and volunteers of the Food Bank in the Netherlands for their daily efforts.

Ronald and Romy Style de Vie Authentique BV

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