Pitmaster X enters into exclusive partnership with Forged

From June 2022, Roel Westra, better known as Pitmaster X, will have an exclusive partnership with Forged.

The grill master, who has about 560,000 followers on YouTube from all over the world, will from then on only use handmade Forged knives from the Brute and Sebra series. The Forged Churrasco concept will also be featured, as well as the magnetic blocks of Style de Vie.

Shared passion for outdoor cooking

Pitmaster X and Forged share a love for outdoor cooking and a common passion for enjoying good meat, good tools and good company.

Of course, Forged is the perfect match. Not only due to the functionality of the Forged knives, but also due to the robust, sturdy appearance of the brand, which fits in perfectly with the world of fire and barbecuing.

We see you online!

Westra has worked with Forged before. Earlier this year, the successful content creator made videos using the Churrasco concept and the Flambadou. The videos attracted tens of thousands of viewers. In the coming period, Forged and Pitmaster X hope to inspire many outdoor cooks. We'll see you online!

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