VG10 Forged Diamond Sharpening Steel

Product Features

  • Material: stainless steel and root wood
    Oval shape
    26 cm long
    Not dishwasher safe
    Forged by hand
    Art. no.: VG10Aanzet
    Barcode: 8720039625181

    A sharpening steel does not sharpen a knife, but it causes the burrs on the cutting edge to revert to the direction of the cutting edge, keeping the knife sharp. Passing the knife several times with the entire blade along the sharpening steel will make it sharp again. It is important to keep the knife at the same angle. This is done for both sides of the knife, with the front being passed along the steel twice as often as the back. The VG10 Forged Diamond sharpening steel is packaged in a luxury wooden box.

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