Forged Flambadou

Product Features

  • Material: cast iron, stainless steel and olive wood
    Not suitable for the dishwasher
    The olive wood handle is not fire resistant
    After washing, dry with a cloth
    Art. no.: OLFlambadou
    Barcode: 8720039623279

    This product will be available at the end of October.

    The cast iron cone of the flambadou is specially designed to be heated until it is red-hot and can therefore be placed directly in the fire or in the coals. When the cone is red-hot, the fat can be put into the cone, after which the flame will catch, melt and drip out of the lower opening. This burning fat can then be sprinkled onto the piece of meat, fish or another dish to make it extra crispy and tasty. The cone has a large opening at the top and a small opening at the bottom, and is attached to a long handle of high quality steel with an olive wood handle.

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